All first sessions we offer are FREE, we also give the player a PDP (Player Development Plan) with our 1to1 Coaching  (Plan 1)  

The second session is full price, but we also welcome the player(s) to FWU with a Free Training top.


Plan 1: Player Development 1 to 1 Coaching

Education and player development is what we strive on.

We will create an environment where the footballer wants learn.

The player will work with our ex academy coach or coaches on techniques, skills, game related sessions & football fitness.
The coach will listen to the player and create sessions to help the player’s development.
We strongly believe in a professional football education, but we also understand about keeping our session fun and organised.


Plan 3: Small Group Coaching or Team Coaching

If you have a small group of players or team of 10-14 players and you would like us to come to your club and coach a session, then this can be organised. This is a discounted price.

The small group sessions & group coaching are designed to get the best out of every player involved.

The coaches can work on techniques, skills, defence or attack depending on the requirement.

If you have 10-14 players we can come to your club and use the coaching time slot you have, speak to the team coach & manager and discuss what the team needs improving on.

This is very popular so don’t delay and get in contact with us for further information.


Plan 2: Train with friends, 2on1 or 3on1.

Training with a friend is the most popular choice for most of our players we work with

We believe that having another player that is similar level of ability training with you, will bring out the competitive edge, therefore you are more likely to work harder and get more out of the session.

Training with a friend also makes the session a little bit cheaper.

Football is a team game, so having the ability to work with other player is an added benefit.

Thinking about training with us? Thinking about asking your friend to work with you? What are you waiting for…


Plan 4:  Fun Family Sessions

Mum or Dad don’t always have time to go to the gym, go for a run or generally keep fit as they need to look after and taxi those football players about.

Our “Fun Family Session” will be tailored to the players but we also involve the parents who want to get a little exercise whilst enjoying time with their son or daughter.


Plan 5: Fitness | Conditioning | Return from Injury

You dont have to be a footballer to enjoy this session, we offer PT training to help get you back into shape.

If you are a player that is already a good footballer, but thinks he/ she can excel with extra fitness, then this is the right session for you.

Our coach will work you for an hour with football fitness, conditioning and circuit training.

We can push you onto the next level or help you slowly recover from injury with a plan to get you back into playing football.

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