New for 2017 Football Warm Ups will be introducing 1-2-1 coaching, further updates in the near future.


Consultation and Prices:

If you believe you can benefit from seeing some of our warm up practices “ live “ then we can help.
We offer varied sessions to you and your team, showing various techniques for you to watch and make notes as required.

⚽️      40 Minute Session - £30 ( Dynamic / Static stretches) Including dynamic circuit movement ideas.

⚽️      40 Minute Session - £40 (Various warm ups techniques using a ball )

⚽️      60 Minute Session - £50 ( Incorporated stretches, Including dynamic circuit movement ideas & using the ball  )

Sessions are tailored to your needs and we can adjust them to suit your requirements, so if you want something different let us know and we’ll create something specific for your club

For 2016 Our target age group are 16 years and over, this can be youth, men's or woman's teams.
We ask on the day of the consultation, you have a number of players to work with.

For 2017 our target group will be all ages, regular updates in the near future.

Our client base is North Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and South Northamptonshire.

If you require a consultation please email us at to get the ball rolling ⚽️
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