How did FWU ( Football Warm Ups ) start and become FWU 1 to 1 Specialised Football Training. first blog post

How did FWU ( Football Warm-Ups ) become FWU 1 to 1 Specialised Football Training?

Over the last 15 years, I have been a football coach or manager, learning the tricks of the trade within grassroots football and coaching in the USA.

With this in mind, I wanted to bring something to the table to develop myself as a person and a coach. 

I have always been keen on developing coaching sessions and key to this is adaptive warm-ups, the players always enjoyed the warm up with a good variety of techniques and skills

And I always enjoyed getting those players ready for the big game or training sessions. 

I then had a thought!! I’m going to create a website, youtube channel, twitter account and FB account where I could create and share my warm-ups to the football community. 

Over the next six months or so, I purchased a domain, , created my own website with direct email and built very successful twitter and FB accounts.

I filmed various warm-up techniques and session where I posted them on my social media accounts. 

Although this was good fun, for me this was not enough, I wanted a new direction in coaching, I was getting bored of working with adult teams and getting no real sense of achievement within the sessions. 

Whilst driving in my car I had a thought, ( as you do ) how can I become a better coach, see improvement and see a real change in my coaching direction.

So I came up with the idea of  “FWU  1 to 1 Specialised Football Training “ this was it !!,  I can coach, still offer development, but see a real improvement in players. 

Right, I now have the idea. but how do I get this to work …

I began to change my website, and social media accounts pointing everything at 1 to 1 Coaching in Milton Keynes & Buckingham.

Could I make this into a small business I thought? well….. If I don’t try I will never know. 

Once all my social media platforms were up to date and everything was in place, I started to market FWU  1 to 1 Specialised Football Training, I had a vision of what it would look like so went with my gut feeling and started to create flyers, media flags, and market the product on social media. 

Whilst the media & marketing was out there, I purchased new equipment, created my new coaching t-shirts, training jackets, and players t-shirts.

As you expect this all took time, I had never done anything like this before but was confident in my ability to make a change. 

Within 6 weeks I had Sam Pateman on-board who is a great young coach whom I have worked with for a number of years, Sam was as enthusiastic as me and was keen to join this journey.

After a couple of months of marketing I had my first client, WOW! was I excited …. Hell yes.. this is what I had worked so hard to build and I now have my first client. 

The first session was FREE so the parent could see what we offered, we had everything in place, Sam joined me and I had one of the local media companies come along and take some photos to help us towards marketing.

It rained all evening but was a great success  I was buzzing & happy with the session we produced and our player and Dad were so impressed they signed up for our 10 session plan.


Since then, FWU  1 to 1 Specialised Football Training has grown and now have 7 Development players working with us with inquiries coming in every couple of weeks.

Although it’s not enough to leave my job, I can sit back and reflect on what I have achieved within a short space of time and feel proud that I have found a slight niche in the local market and parents are keen for their son or daughter to have private coaching sessions.

………………….and it can only get better.